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The release of Solange's new project "A Seat at the Table" has my inner entrepreneurial "G" inspired by the dialogue by the legendary "Master P". This is "No Limit Inspiration"! 


Wake Up with The Alchemist

I have recently taken more action in this journey of bettering myself (No New Years Resolution BULSHIT). So like many others who find themselves in my socks I picked up “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. This is was one of the best books I’ve ever read. Everything is beautiful…the meaning, the characters, the stories, the way its written. I literally held on to every word and have to suggest it to my all followers.

Before I go into what I got from the book I would like to give you a short explanation of what happens. Just so you’re not lost in the rest of this post. Don’t worry it wont be an AP LIT paper! And if I’m not 100% accurate about my synapsis don’t be a douche and comment about minuet stuff. Just write your own damn blog you comment whore! If you have already read it or want to be surprise just skip the next paragraph.

The book is about a boy named Santiago who goes on this fascinating journey trying to find his “personal legend”. The boy is a Sheppard and constantly dreams of travelling the world. The book takes you from his home in Spain to the exotic markets of Tangiers and then deep into the Egyptian desert, where a memorable encounter with the alchemist awaits him.

For those who don’t know alchemy is a forerunner of chemistry that transforms matter. It was mainly linked with the practice of converting base metals into gold. Which is the point of the book taking your basic life and turning it into a life a gold.

Everyone chooses their own path and has the decision rather or not they want to walk it.  You are you its that simple. Often times we set standards for ourselves that aren’t based on ourselves they are based own who your father is, what your mother did, what’s your hood known for etc. Only you can perceive the world in the way you want. I’m not saying don’t listen to others and observe your surrounds or take in teachings from other people. What I am saying is its not ok to wish that you were them or base your life after theirs.

Everyone has to take their own path if you don’t see what your path is don’t worry. No need to jump off a building just be a BAWSE and make that damn path. Quit all the woe is me bullshit. No one said it’s going to be quick or easy but it is going to be worth it. As long as you believe in yourself fuck everything else. People may laugh, cool they laughing because that’s the only mechanism they can use. They hate their life; they know they settled, they allowed someone to tell them their worth. Luckily you’re not them and the Alchemist will reassure of that.

Man, just pick up the damn book! Put down the bossip article about someone who is famous for a lack of achievement and consume your life, which things that can make you better! This will be an annual read!  

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